Finding inspiration at your local guild…. (February 2, 2017)

Two Wednesday nights ago was blocked out on my calendar since before Christmas, it was the first meeting of the new year of my home quilt guild, East Side Quilters. I look forward to the monthly meetings – visiting with quilt buddies, talking quilts, seeing quilts, eating yummy desserts.

Set up for 1/18/17 monthly meeting @ East Side Quilters, Photo by Lynn Kane

January BOM on left, upcoming February BOM on right

The yearly schedule was released with programs and bus trips, several challenges and some “Cabin Fever” days scheduled. There was the Block of the Month, which I was piecing at 6 am the morning of the meeting (am I the only last minute sewer??). I didn’t win this month’s but have hopes for next ones – love the blue and white combo. 2 color quilts can be so pretty.

Unfortunately, try as I may, work and life sometimes gets in the way of me attending the meetings. And I usually feel quite sad about that. It is 2 hours out of what is usually a very hectic week but they are a very important 2 hours. Those hours allow me to reconnect with like-minded others, to celebrate the art and beauty of all things quilts, and to remember what in life is truly important – people over things. Spending time at the guild also prompts me to spend the time on quilting. If you don’t belong to a quilt guild, I strongly recommend you find one (or more). Your level of experience is not a consideration – beginners are often celebrated more enthusiastically. As at your local quilt shop, look in your local Penny Saver type newspaper, check out bulletin boards at the library or search the internet. Creating in the presence of others can be fun and rewarding. And most of all, it’s good for you!!!

Until next time, keep stitching!